Can You Hear Me Now?

The UUCT Committee on Communications is focused on keeping you well-informed. We also seek to heighten awareness of our presence in the community.

The monthly Newsletter and periodic UUNewsnet reminders are popular with members, yet many are not signed up for these e-mailing lists. You can browse this website ( for all kinds of information. Our Facebook page (Members and Friends) is active for some of us, but not of interest or use to others. If you are present on Sunday, you have a good view of upcoming events highlighted in the order of service. The foyer white board also announces key events.

Do you know where to find important UUCT information? We hope to produce a handy reference guide. Do you need a more short-term digest of upcoming events? We are considering a weekly e-blast. Are you getting too much information? Do you periodically need to post important news but are not sure how to do so? Let us know about information snags and gaps that affect you personally.

UUCT communications should reflect what we do, our core mission, and our values. And make it easier for us to engage in the life of the Congregation. Your feedback is welcomed.

Thanks, Carl Clements, for the ad hoc Communications Team