Chalice Lighter Call – Pledge to End Racism

The first Southern Region Chalice Lighters call is to support extending the Pledge to End Rac- ism program from First UU Church of Richmond to all interested congregations in the Southern Region. This program is designed using a leadership development model so participants gain skills and develop competence in not only talking about racism, but in facilitating discussions about race, and then working together to organize Living the Pledge workshops for people throughout their community. For more information, see pledge_to_end_racism_chalice_lighters_call_letter.pdf.

Donations may be made electronically at this link: hf_xDmMfUCEnqR5K-h0Ogg or snail mailed, payable to First UU Church of Richmond, with a memo “Chalice Lighters,” mailed to First UU Church of Richmond, 1000 Blanton Ave., Richmond, VA 23221.

This Chalice Lighter call will end on March 6th.