The February Split the Plate partner – Friends of Hurricane Creek

Friends of Hurricane Creek
UUCT’S February, 2018 Split-the- Plate Partner

Rivers and streams are protected throughout the country by a network of “Waterkeepers.”; The Friends of Hurricane Creek, with John Wathen as the Hurricane Creekkeeper, is Tuscaloosa’s own group. The mission of the Friends of Hurricane Creek is to restore and maintain the creek’s ecosystem through education, partnerships, outreach, and advocacy.

The Friends of Hurricane Creek Board of Directors has assembled a diverse list of allies and partners who work to protect Hurricane Creek and its watershed from pollution and strive to hold accountable polluting corporations, government agencies, and elected officials. A number of special events are held throughout the year. The Hurricane Creek cleanup takes place in the early spring, and it is a great way to get involved and help Hurricane Creek.

The Friends of Hurricane Creek is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization and can be found online at: “Friends of Hurricane Creek” also has a Facebook page.

Checks or cash not designated for pledge or other specific needs are split with Friends of Hurricane Creek. To contribute or become a member of Friends of Hurricane Creek, go to the “donate” page on Facebook or send a check to:

Friends of Hurricane Creek
P. O. Box 40836
Tuscaloosa AL 35404
Phone: (205) 310-3739

Note: In December, 2017, UUCT donated $188 to Alabama SPCA.