I Can’t Breath

These words have been burned in our hearts during the last six weeks. Some of us are just hearing it for the first time. It is so much bigger than this one moment. These are words that we have needed to hear since the beginning of this country. Perhaps now is the time, perhaps now … Continued

Jesus and Buddha walk into a bar

Many of the teachings of Rabbi Jesus and of The Buddha are strikingly similar, things which were first shared through oral tradition and then written down. The wisdom of these two great teachers is worth considering as we continue to endure the pandemic and economic upheaval while finding the energy and inspiration to continue our … Continued

The Fifth UU Principle: Why It’s Hard to Love A Process

Judge William Hastie said that the essence of democracy is “eternal struggle” and that it’s “never finished.” Historic Unitarian minister, Theodore Parker said that “Democracy means not that I am as good as you are, but that you are as good as I am.” Sounds challenging