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  • Online Meditation
    • January 29, 2023
  • Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation, the home of liberal religion in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We are a community of faith that honors diversity in religious thought and practice.

    We hope that you'll find the information that you need here and that you'll visit us for a Sunday service or a social event.

    INVITE all into a welcoming community;

    INSPIRE a free and responsible spiritual journey;

    INVOLVE all in building a just and compassionate world.


    The Unitarian Universalist Congregation was born in the midst of the civil rights movement and remains committed to social justice in all forms. Read about our history at this page.

    And see this page for a brief history of the Unitarian Universalist movement.


    "I came into Unitarian-Universalism in the early 1990s from a typical Christian background. What mainly drew me into Unitarian-Universalism was the wonder and beauty of the 7 UU principles."

      Ron, Member


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    "I have been a member of this congregation since 2011 and through the years I’ve experienced its fellowship and its strong commitment to social justice."

      Kiki, Member