Welcome to the homepage for the University Unitarian Universalist Union, or 4U!  We are the official campus ministry representing UUCT at the University of Alabama, and we are the place 4U!

For those who are new to Unitarian Universalism, we are so happy to have peaked your interest!  Our group is one that works hard to foster individual thinking, inclusivity, self growth, and meaningful community.  We have done this by meeting Monday nights over a free vegetarian with vegan options meal, going over our weekly joys/concerns, and engaging discussion over a multitude of topics.  As a whole, we believe no one person can know everything, so we welcome people with thoughts that could challenge our own, so long as they don’t oppress or disrespect the identities of others.

We hope that you check us out on instagram @uubamastudents for meeting location/time updates, and to see a little more of who we are. Also, feel free to email uubamastudents@gmail.com any questions/concerns and a campus ministry leader will respond as soon as possible.