March 28th Monday Musings with Rev. Amanda Schuber

Another month has come and gone. Spring looms just on the horizon and we have so much to look forward to as we enter this time of rebirth.


This Sunday we will gather together again in person to welcome each other home after our long time apart.  I’m so excited to be in physical space with all of you and celebrate the next chapter in the life of UUCT.


These last two years have been full of uncertainty and doubt, hope and loss, yet we emerge again like the flowers in the garden ready to bloom into the fullness of all we can be.  Your Board is reimagining what UUCT can look like going forward, and they are beginning work on a new Mission Statement that will guide the way forward.


There is much work to be done, and some hard truths to hear, but I know that like me, you are committed to fostering a community that supports liberal religion in the Deep South.  I’m sure you are well aware that there are once again direct and brutal attacks being waged on women’s rights, the lives of our LBGTQ+ siblings and our democratic freedoms.  Now more than ever, we have the opportunity to stand together, living our values out loud for the world to see.  These are the moments where we have the chance to be a beacon of safety and support for oppressed communities.


Our UUCT community has the potential to make a true and lasting difference in so many lives, and to do that requires a commitment of time, talent and treasure to support the values that bring us together.  By now you will have received information on how to financially pledge your support towards the continued work of this beloved community.  I know that this church has seen some hard times over the years, and there is uncertainty about what comes next.  These concerns are real and are being addressed  through the exploration of new space, new partnerships and new initiatives.


This work  can only happen with the faith and trust that you provide through your financial pledge towards the sustainability of the congregation.  Now is the time to rally together and declare that liberal religious communities in the South can not only survive, but thrive.  If you haven’t already, I pray that you will remember what first drew you to UUCT and envision what your pledge can mean to other seekers looking for a place to call home.


I look forward to seeing you and celebrating with you on Sunday when I can Welcome You Home!!


With Love,
Rev. Amanda