March 2022 Message from the UUCT President

Dear Congregation and Friends,

Winter is ending with Spring to soon begin. We have been cloistered at home for two long years but shortly we will be able to unite in person in our house of worship. We have all changed over these past two years. We are longing to be together again. So as the days get longer, the daffodils, lilies of the valley, and forsythia bloom so hopefully we will feel the grace, love, companionship, and hope as we renew our faith in ourselves, our friendships, our church, and the greater community.

The Board has accomplished its objectives in these past eight months. We have transitioned from full to no minister to part time minister. We have stayed strong and determined during the constraints and challenges of COVID. The relocation committee is starting their work. We will have a soft opening of our building on March 6 with our Chilli Dinner Church and our grand reopening service on April 3rd. Please mark your calendar and join us. We are also looking towards the future. At our last board meeting, we developed these three goals:

1.Locate a Developmental Minister for the purpose of guiding our congregation through its transition and into a more permanent location.

2.Offer services, functions, and resources to assist in the healing of our congregation for the purpose of maintaining membership and ensuring its continuance.

3.Serve the community by taking an evangelical approach to sharing the message and teachings of Unitarian Universalism for the purpose of offering a supportive environment to those who are spiritual seekers or refugees.

We need you as we move forward. We need your participation in church events, your voice of support and concern, your pledge of finances as we prepare the budget to accomplish the above goals, and your faith that we can all come together to be the beacon of light for our liberal religion to serve our community.

In love and peace,
Susan McKee
UUCT President