Feb. 14th Monday Musings with Rev. Amanda Schuber

Dear Beloveds:


Happy Valentine’s Day, or as a good friend calls it, Happy Validation Day!!  This is a day set aside normally for the expression of love.  What if we take my friend’s advice and more inclusively offer expressions of validation to all those around us?


Who among us couldn’t use a bit more validation?


Perhaps to the exhausted parent in the grocery store, you could say something like “You are doing a wonderful job.”  Maybe to the coworker who constantly does all the little mundane jobs in the background, you could say something like “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that you do.” Certainly we could spare a few words for the cashier at the fast food restaurant.  Maybe you could remind THEM to have a great day!


All around us are opportunities to let people know that they matter in our lives.  This past Sunday, I challenged those present to think about those we haven’t seen in awhile from our community, and to reach out to three different people. I’m extending that challenge out to all of you.  Who do you miss?  Who needs to know they are loved?  Who needs to be validated and reminded that they are not only worthy, but an integral part of our Beloved Community?


The best part is that we don’t have to be limited to one day of connection, we can make it everyday!


I am so grateful for each and every one of you.  I love you, and I’m honored to share this journey with you.

Happy Validation Day!

Rev. Amanda