January 2022 Message from the UUCT President

It is the end of 2020 and I have at least five things to be grateful for: Part-time ministry who will preach, give pastoral care, and assist us all as we move forward; a good President-Elect in Evan Tidwell; an excellent working Board; strong committees; and more administrative support for the next six months.

I am marking my half-way point through my term as your President of the Board. There were reasons that I wanted to be President during these uncertain times. I wanted to provide stability and continuity of experienced leadership; nurture and support a caring community; build trust and transparency for all members; create the needed infrastructure and set the stage to move our congregation forward.

I feel good about where we are. Before I leave office at the end of June, I would like to share my personal objectives: train Evan to carry on as President; work with the Board and our members to establish our goals for the next 6 months; work on developing an office assistant who can handle the daily, weekly and monthly needs of a small congregation; finalize the Relocation Team and assist the Board in developing a clear charge to this team to include new terms of sale of our property; preparation plan and costs of moving; different sites that may be possibilities for our members based on our member’s needs, wants, and vision of the future; and lastly help develop a three year plan to include selling, moving, hiring a Developmental Minister, and growing our membership to provide the programming for both adults and children to sustain the budget that we will need to survive and strive into the future in Tuscaloosa.

This is an ambitious plan. It is an opportunity for all of us to commit and help all the members of the UUCT community. The Board, our leaders and support teams, and especially me, will need your help and support.

May 2021 be a good year for our UUCT community and for each of us.

Serving with passion, commitment and out of love,

Susan McKee

UUCT Board President