Volunteer of the Month for October & November – Shompa Dotta

The UUCT Board of Trustees has chosen Shompa Datta as volunteer of the month for October and November 2020.When I asked her for a bio, she wrote back: “I’ve been a member for over 10 years. I feel quite at home here. Over the years, I have found empathy and support from the members through natural calamities, medical procedures, and joys. I am glad I could participate in the congregation’s board, leadership team, and social justice programs. Most of all, I am proud that with the help of Alice Parker, LGBTQ members, and allies, we spearheaded Tuscaloosa’s annual pride event and served on the founders’ board of today’s Druid City Pride. Even today, I am proud to be one in a very sensitive and woke congregation. This is my home away from home.”Shompa currently serves as co-leader (with Sharon Freeman) of the Actions for a Better World Pillar (Social Justice). In addition, within the last year she has served on the Leadership Development Team and has been a speaker in worship. Without your leadership and participation, UUCT would not be the same, Shompa. We are glad you have found your home here and extend our heartfelt thanks for all that you bring to our community. Thank you, Shompa!