Volunteers of the Month December – Susan Mckee & Ana Schuber

Not every UU received an unexpected ‘thinking of you’ note in their mailbox last month, but many did. Halloween treats were also a surprise found on some folks’ porches. And many of our Birthday celebrants got a timely card. For these outreach examples, and others to come, we are so grateful to Susan McKee for launching our “Touch” program, and to Ana Schuber who immediately joined the team. In our present state, staying in touch has become a challenge. Luckily, supporting members and friends has always been a priority for these multi-talented, longtime leaders. Whether in stewardship, Board service (more than once), newsletter, Sunday programs, organizational development, or contributions to a host of other teams, Susan and Ana have always jumped in where needs are spotted. Individually, they are remarkable; as a team, they will help us stay connected. Thanks, y’all.