Widening the Circle by Rev. Amanda Schuber

As I think about this community and all the changes you have been through, and those yet to come I’m keenly aware of how it will be necessary to open our circle to new friendships and partnerships. It can be difficult to sometimes stretch towards growth when we know that it will bring change, maybe uncomfortable change.

This month the charge to the relocation committee will be clarified, and the committee will set out on their mission to find what comes next in the physical location of UUCT. This is an exciting adventure, but like all adventure there will be breathtaking moments, trembling first steps into the unknown, new guides and companions and the strengthening of old friendships.

My prayer for you this month, and going forward in this journey together, is that you hold space for new travelers who we will meet along the way. I pray that you will continue to seek the comfort and joy of this close knit community; that you will remain open to what is possible, and hold onto what is important.

As we widen the circle of our beloved community, may we be reminded of what brought us here, keeps us here and moves us forward.

Amen and Blessed Be