Feed Them From Home

A UUCT food drive for the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry at Grace
Presbyterian Church.

Please collect non-perishable food items during your usual grocery run
and hold them at home. You have three weeks. Volunteers will come
pick up your donations from your doorstep on the designated day and
deliver to the food pantry.

Please don’t make extra trips or shop at additional locations. Stay safe!
Just add things to your weekly grocery list:

Breakfast cereal (healthy)
dry beans
potato flakes (much NEEDED)
canned veg, fruit, meat
fruit cups
canned sauces, jelly, gravy, (NO GLASS containers)

AND/OR prepare an emergency bag containing the following: cereal,
peanut butter, jelly, pasta & sauce OR canned meat with boxed meal
kit, large can of veg, fruit cups, crackers.

Currently, Grace is serving over 200 people on their monthly
distribution day, AND they are giving out 15-20 emergency bags every

Our help is both needed and appreciated!