Small Congregations: Infinite Possibilities

We are not alone. There are others out there. No, not aliens, but other UU congregations—in fact, a majority—with fewer than 150 members. And many are doing great things. (We’re no slouches either.)
Common themes of these success stories, revealed in the series of UU Webinars titled above, include: adopting a “making a difference” narrative; embracing community partnerships; promoting social justice projects that fuel members’ passions; keeping ambitions in line with strengths and resources; and sustaining a simplified mission. Likewise, reducing “shoulds,” increasing “joys,” and saying “no.”
These ideas and many more come from inspirational examples showcased in the Webinar series. Your Trustees have watched and discussed the first two episodes and encourage you to take a look. You’ll see ideas we may have missed. Plus, you will get a head start on our planning efforts. The links for the October and November webinars are: and
Additional links will be posted for January and February webinars. (See Board News in the January Newsletter and on our Website.) Small Congregations Rock!