Volunteer of the month for August – Lynn Snow

A Buddhist in our Midst

If you’ve been in Lynn Snow’s presence, in person or via Zoom, you know that she possesses an enviable equanimity accompanied by a can-do attitude. Lynn created and has led the Meditation Circle–Sundays at 9:00 am–for the past four years. This loyal gathering, about half of whom are UUs, credits Lynn’s giving spirit and dedication for nurturing this important spiritual enrichment opportunity. You may also recognize her frequent contributions to Sunday Services as a Lay Leader and occasional speaker. You don’t want to miss those. Of late, Lynn is leading the Worship team, putting together guest speakers and other service elements as needed. Finally, in these stay-at-home days, you may have noticed that Lynn sends out reliable reminders, with links, for our Zoom events—Happy Hour, Coffee Hour, and others. She certainly wouldn’t toot her own horn, but you should know that Lynn is nationally recognized for her work in nursing home organizational change, team building, and promoting person-centered care. Thank you Lynn for all you do.