What is in a name? Naming Ceremonies are blessings and covenants.The minister will create the child dedication or naming ceremony that best meets your spiritual needs. A selection of possible texts for naming ceremonies used in our congregation are gathered below. In the ceremony congregants are invited to write their own blessings for the child and these are read during the ceremony.

Naming ceremony 3“Blessings are most powerful when they are formed in the context of relationships. This blessing that [name of parents] and sister and brother [name of siblings] bestow on [name of child]¬†¬†will set the ground in which all other events in their relationship together will arise. These words are not just idle words spoken. The community offers the nurturing ground in which this family will be known and loved. Here their relationship is honored and revered. We provide a communal shelter in which this family can find refuge from the storms of bigotry that still rage relentlessly beyond these doors. These words of blessing become the foundation in which this child can always depend on as we, along with ghir parents, declare to ghir the blessings of being.

We wish you beauty in life and strength of mind, body and spirit.
We wish you empowerment for self and compassion for others.
We wish you a strong sense of honour, with humility to recognize strengths beyond your own.
We wish you the gift of joy and laughter, and reverence for all the wonders of the Universe.
May you seek and find your own fulfillment in life. [full name of child] welcome into our family.”