Like all UU congregations, UUCT is governed by an elected body composed of its members, the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees has eight members: a President, Past-President and President-elect (one year in each position, for a three-year cycle), Secretary, Finance Trustee, and three at-large Trustees (two years each). New members of the Board of Trustees are nominated by the Leadership Committee and elected by the congregation at the annual business meeting, which occurs near the end of the fiscal year, in April. The fiscal year and term of the Board and committee chairs is May 1 through April 30.

The Board of Trustees meets once per month and members and friends are invited to attend. Meetings are currently held on the second Thursday of each month beginning at 7pm. The Board of Trustees designates committees and appoints committee chairs and volunteer staff members.

Committee members other than the chair are “self-appointed,” that is, serve voluntarily according to interest and skill. If you are interested in joining a committee, please speak to the chair.

Board of Trustees
Interim-President: Karen Croneis
Interim-President-Elect: David Kopaska-Merkel
Past President: Therese Musch
Secretary(2020): Beki Spurrier
Finance Trustee(2020): Bev Roskos
At-Large Trustee(2020): Sharon Freeman
At-Large Trustee(2021): Carl Clements
At-Large Trustee(2021): Melissa Barksdale

Leadership Development:
Shompa Datta(2020), Susan Duff-Koniak(2020), Patty Lightfoot(2021), Celesta Riner(2021)

Pillars of the Congregation:

Operations Liaison Bev Roskos
Pillar Leader:

Building Community Liaison Carl Clements
Pillar Leader: Susan McKee

Spiritual Growth Liasion Melissa Barksdale
Pillar Leader: April Trussell-Smith

Better World Liaison Sharon Freeman
Pillar Leader:

These persons will be happy to hear your concerns about church governance, and your volunteer assistance with the work of their committees.