The Unitarian Universalist Congregation is lay-led, that is, we do not currently have a minister. We are searching for a minister, but until that process is successful, our Sunday services and the other usual roles of a minister will be provided by lay members of the Congregation.


Music Director: Dr. Kenneth McGuire

Kenneth Michael McGuire is Associate Professor in the School of Music at the University of Alabama where he teaches courses in piano improvisation, songwriting and music education. He earned degrees from Syracuse University, and the State Universities of New York at Fredonia and Binghamton. Prior to his appointment at Alabama, McGuire taught music in New York public schools and worked extensively as a songwriter, arranger, performer, and producer of audio recordings and music videos.

McGuire’s composition and performing interests are diverse and his efforts include both solo and collaborative productions. Items from his catalog are published by Cabin 5 and are distributed by Livingston Records. His teaching approach encourages students to examine their preferences and craft personal, original art.

Dr. McGuire’s other scholarly activities include numerous research presentations, workshops, articles, and conferences on music education. His articles are published in Journal of Research in Music Education, Journal of Music Therapy, International Journal for Mathematics Teaching and Learning, Southeastern Journal of Research in Music Education, Music Educators Journal, and Teaching Music. He has served the National Association for Music Education, Alabama Music Educators Association, Alabama State Education Department, and locally situated arts and arts advocacy groups in multiple leadership roles.